About Me

My name is Fran and I’m so happy you’ve found my site. As a mom of three kids (13, 12 and 7) I know life is challenging. We all need positive thoughts, good friends and lots of encouragement to support us as we go through this journey called motherhood.

Every day as a mom is an adventure and I invite you to join me!

What you’ll find on my site:

  • Activities for your kids and family
  • Ideas to help teach your kids positive character traits
  • Tips to simplify your life
  • Support as you work hard to be an amazing mom each day

This website is a place where all moms are welcome. Whether you’re looking for ideas, action steps, accountability or support in life’s daily challenges, you’ve come to the right place.

In sharing this website, I have two goals: 

  1. You will feel inspired to take action to raise Active Happy Kids
  2. You will join a supportive community where you will give and receive support and motivation

I am so happy you’ve found my site and I’m so glad I’ve found a new friend!

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