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Sometimes you feel like you’re in a rut and need to change your routine. A family service project is a great way to get your kids away from the screens. Volunteering together as a family is also a great way to connect and spend meaningful time together if everyone has been off doing individual activities.

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A family service project is a great way to take a break from your normal routine or get out of a rut. Let’s take a moment to think about why family service projects are a great family activity.

Why Should My Family Provide Service to Others?

You may be thinking – wait a minute – there are tons of projects that need to be done around my own house. Our family needs to spend out time on our own to-do list.

Or even better, wouldn’t it be nice is a family came over to help us pull weeks from our yard or rebuild our fence? You may even think – it would be so nice to be on the receiving end of that neighborly kindness.

That’s just the point. Every family and every person wants to feel the love and kindness of others. You can give of yourself and serve others. And surprisingly, as you serve others, you can find more peace and joy in your own life.

There is a great line from the play Peter and the Starcatcher that reads:

“Molly: Only if the boy knows there’s more important things in this world than saving his own neck.”

“Boy: Like what?”

“Molly: Like saving someone else’s.”

How Can You Make a Difference in People’s Lives?

Saving someone else’s life is a pretty dramatic and intense way to provide service. Most of the time you will make a difference in smaller ways. But, reaching out to help someone else is often more important than helping ourselves.

Some of the benefits to helping others may surprise you. Here are just a few your family can experience from a service project.

  1. Create lifelong memories while you serve others with your family
  2. Showing your kids work can be fun while you serve side by side
  3. Getting some exercise and fresh air
  4. Bring joy to others and yourself
  5. Feeling good, because you know you’ve made a difference
  6. Lowering your stress by shifting the focus off your own problems and reaching out to help others

Let’s get to the how and talk about 5 service project ideas.

5 Service Project Ideas

Opportunities to serve are all around you. There are every day, small acts of service such as holding the door open for someone or smiling or saying hello. You and your kids can say yes when a friend or neighbor asks for a favor. There are so many ways to be kind and serve others.

These 5 ideas are for larger service project opportunities. These may take a couple hours, but can easily be started and completed in the same day.

1. Look for Opportunities to Serve in Your Neighborhood

There are many ways your family can serve your community. Consider clearing the street drains of leaves. Or pulling weeds in a common area. Anything that will benefit the entire neighborhood is a great way to spend an hour or two.

2. Ask a Neighbor How Your Family Can Serve Them

Talk to a neighbor and identify their needs. For example, elderly neighbors might be lonely and would enjoy a visit. Young mothers might appreciate help with their kids. There are so many possibilities right in your own neighborhood.


Youth Volunteer Opportunities Near Me

3. Seek out Service Opportunities in the Community

Volunteers are always welcome at Animal Shelters, Retirement Homes, the Local Food Bank, or a Homeless Shelter.

There are two websites that show service opportunities in your area.

4. Put Together Care Kits for the Homeless

The website below explains what a Care Kit is and gives suggestions for items to include. Your family can gather the supplies and put together the care kits. Keep the kits in your car and pass out as you see someone in need.

5. Create a Plan to Secret Santa a Family During the Holidays

This entire service project will take more than one day, but you can spend a couple hours on one day and to create a plan.

You will want to plan how much your will spend. Brainstorm ways your family will save up the money. One of the benefits of this service project is to give your kids the opportunity to sacrifice for others. Some families collect spare change over the year and others have their kids do chores to earn the money. Maybe you’ll give up a couple pizza nights or have a garage sale.

Plan what you’re going to give to the family- presents, a meal, holiday decorations, etc. This can be a great annual service project tradition for your family.

How Will Your Family Make a Difference in the World?

Admittedly, it takes a lot to reach out of your comfort zone and offer service. You may not know your neighbors very well. Maybe you feel like your kids are too little, your family doesn’t have anything to offer or you’re just too busy. Do not let these fears hold you or your family back.

Serving others is freeing. It can also help put your own problems into perspective. You’ll feel better by helping others and so will your kids. A family service project allows your family to take a break from your normal routine, but it’s so much more than that. Family service projects allow your family to make a difference in the world.

Has your family ever done a service project together? Do you have any family service project traditions? We would love to hear about all of the good you’re doing in your community. Let us know in the comments below.

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Family Service Project Ideas

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