6 Tips for Tired Moms (You Need to Try Today)

You’re Tired and Just Need to Get Through the DayExhausted Mom Tips

Exhausted, tired, burning the candle at both ends, worn out, frazzled, drained – No matter what you call it, you’re and exhausted mom who’s ready to quit. 

It’s totally ok. It’s even normal to sometimes feel like an exhausted mom. You have a busy life and when you look back, you’ll realize you spend a lot of time feeling tired, exhausted, worn out, and worn too thin. 

But, you still need to be a mom. You still want to spend quality time with your kids. Don’t worry, you don’t need to add to your burden.

Here are 6 simple, meaningful, low energy, mom life tips to spend meaningful time with your kids – even when you have no energy. These top mom tips are easy and can leave your kids with lasting positive childhood 


The How – 6 Tips for an Exhausted Mom

Are you an exhausted mom? You need to try one of these 6 easy tips today to spend quality time with your kids.

Here are six mom life tips you can use when you need to expend as little energy as possible. 

1. Co-Playing (Napping)

This activity is very simple and works best on those days you are so exhausted you can barely keep your eyes open. Set out age appropriate toys, books or an activity for your kids. Tell them you are going to stay right next to them while they play. You lie down on the floor next to them and rest while they play. 

That’s it. That’s the entire suggestion. Having a mom who is physically pre

sent means a lot to a kid. This is a great activity, because you’re able to rest while your little one plays. 

Even exhausted moms can spend quality time with their kids with these 6 easy activity ideas. Take 15 minutes and try one of the activities today.

2. Storytime

Kids love sitting on their mom’s nap while they listen to a story. Older kids love it too. The second tip for an exhausted mom is to read with your kids.

Start by having each kid pick their favorite short story or picture book. Each kid will take turns sitting in your lap or sitting next to you with your arm around them. Read each book out loud. Older children can also take turns reading.  

Not enough energy to read everything on your own? No problem. Here are a couple variations for the super exhausted mom. 

For emerging readers who can identify a letter or a word

Choose one word the younger child will watch for while you read. You can start with the word “a” or “I.” When you get to the chosen word, point to it with your finger and allow your kid to read the word.

For new readers

Take turns. You read the words on the left side of the page and your kid reads the words on the right side of the page.

Not enough energy to read out loud

Listen to an audiobook or watch the books being read in a video. Here’s a link to a page my kids like on YouTube – Story time with Ms Becky

Not home

Reading is a great mom life tip, because it can be done in so many different setting. You can utilize time spent in the car. Kids can read out loud or you can play audio books through the car stereo.

Story-time in any form creates lifelong bonds and connections. Even if you can only spend 10-15 minutes a day, make a special effort to incorporate some sort of story time into each day.

Even exhausted moms can spend quality time with their kids with these 6 easy activity ideas. Take 15 minutes and try one of the activities today.

3. Who Wants a Quarter? 

The last thing you want to do when you’re an exhausted mom is clean the house or nag your kids to do their chores. The next tip is to reward your kids for helping you. You are the supervisor and they are the workers.

There are several ways you can set this up. Make sure your expectations are clear and there is a system for your kids to report back to prove their chore is complete. Here are a couple ideas:   

  1. Give each of your kids a quarter for every 5, 10,15 minutes they spend working on a chore or set of chores. Make sure your cleaning expectations are met. To make sure your kids aren’t tempted to work extra slow, set a timer. As long as the chore is finished before the timer goes off, they will earn their quarter. 
  2. Pay by the chore. Assign a value to each chore. When the chore is complete, the kid gets paid.  
  3. Work together to accomplish a task – tell your kids, we will spend the next 10 or 15 minutes doing a specific chore. Everyone works together to get the chore done. Then everyone earns a quarter. 

Bonus – you can also use the quarters as an incentive

e when you’ve lost something important like your keys o

r phone. Whoever finds my (insert one of many potential items) gets a quarter.

Quarters are only one type of currency. You can use anything your kids value – screen time, one on one time with you, a fun activity, etc.

Are you an exhausted mom? Try one of these 6 easy tips to spend quality time with your kids, even when you're tired.

4. Have Your kids write, rehearse & perform a play

The fourth tip for an exhausted mom is to turn your kids into actors and actresses. Let their creative brains work on a song, dance, book, movie or play. They can create anything they want and they can ask you for help and advice. But, the catch is, you cannot leave the couch. Once they are finished, let them perform.  

Video their performance and share it with friends and family. 

This activity is great, because it allows your kids to be creative. They will impress you with what they put together. Make sure to take video, pictures or save some props. They will love to see themselves in action or reuse props on their next play.  


5. Snuggle Slot

This tip for an exhausted mom mom is an all-time favorite in our house. You set the timer and just take turns holding each one of your kids.

The snuggle slot can be totally impromptu or happen at a regularly scheduled time. Right after school or daycare is a great time to schedule your special

 one-on-one time. It gives you and them a moment to unwind from the day before running off to homework or extra activities. 

This is a great activity, because it’s intentional, individual, and a low energy way to spent time with your kids. 

6. Two roses and a thorn


The final tip for an exhausted mom is to have a daily discussion with your kids. Ask them about their day and listen to their response.

You can ask them to tell you two things that went well and one thing that didn’t go so well. Simply listen to their answers. Consider asking them what they learned from the situation. Do all of the listening, but very little of the talking. 

Bonus question to ask – I have a friend who asks her kids, “What did you fail at today?” The purpose of the question isn’t so your kids dwell on the failure or to label the failure as a negative event. The purpose is to show your kids how much they grow from their failures. 


This activity is great, because it doesn’t take a lot of energy, but builds strong relationships with your kids. 

The Support – It’s ok to be an exhausted mom

Even when you’re exhausted, you’re still an amazing mom who can spend quality, intentional time with your kids

There’s no easy way to say it – being a mom is hard. You have so many things to accomplish and you’re often left feeling exhausted. Exhausted moms can find it challenging to engage with their kids in a meaningful way.

These 6 Tips are great when you’re an exhausted mom. They don’t require a lot of time or effort. Take 15 minutes and try one of the activities above today.


If you’re looking for more ideas, support and encouragement, check out Top Mom Tips for Raising Active Happy Kids.  


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