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This post is all about fun activities for kids. Why? Because kids love having fun and life is about having fun. My goal with this post for you to pick one fun thing to do with your kids this week. You may choose one of the activities below, an idea you already have or an all-time favorite activity, but but make sure you do at least one fun thing this week.

Fun Can be Spontaneous

Kids cannot wait to have fun. Forget chores, homework or responsibilities – your kids love doing fun things. Each kid has their own idea of what is fun. Do your kids ever say: 

  • I don’t know what to do.
  • I’m so bored.
  • I just want to do SOMETHING fun.

don’t worry, there are lots of ideas to help. Below you will find several links to my top activity ideas for kids. If you’re looking for a quick activity check out the links below.

Spontaneous fun isn’t just for kids. Families are always looking forward to the next fun activity. What your family likes may look different than another family, but having fun together brings all families closer. It’s amazing that even when things go wrong, as long as a family keeps a positive attitude, memories from those activities are cherished for a lifetime.

Fun can be Scheduled

Life is busy. If you’re feeling overworked and over-stressed, you will definitely want to make time to have fun with your kids and as a family. There are lots of different ways to schedule fun.

No matter how busy your schedule is this week, set aside at least one hour for fun. You can

  • Schedule one on one time with each kid individually
  • Plan a fun family activity
  • Make plans to get together with extended family or friends

Make Time

It really doesn’t matter if your fun is spontaneous or scheduled. It’s often nice to have a mix of both each week. To help you remember that fun is a priority in your family, come up with a name. Some of the names we use in our family are

  • Funday Friday
  • First Saturday Fun
  • Family Funday

Continue reading for all the great ideas.

This post is full of great kid activity ideas. You'll go from feeling busy, stressed and overworked to laughing and having fun with your kids in no time. #activehappykid #kidactivities #activitiesforkids

Fun Activities for Kids

Below you will find links to my top activity ideas. This post will be updated regularly, so bookmark or pin this page to stay updated. You can always find all of the activity ideas on this blog in the Have Fun category.

I asked a bunch of my mom friends what they found challenging when it came to thinking of fun activities for kids. Their responses were so broad. It makes sense, because they live in different parts of the United States and have kids of all ages.

My friends in Seattle are looking for a lot of indoor activity ideas. Same with my friends from Texas during the hot summer months. My friends who work said they need time to decompress after a long day. They are looking for activities that their kids can do on their own without a lot of supervision or help.

All of my friends said they wish they more time in the day. They never regretted having fun with their kids and they all said they wanted to make family time a priority. I encourage you to pick one fun thing to do with your kids this week!

I grouped the responses and came up with some questions you might ask. Below the question you’ll find helpful advice and links to posts that has ideas for fun activities for kids.

What to do with my kids when it’s raining?

It doesn’t have to be raining outside to spend time on a fun indoor activity. When my third baby was born he had a lot of health problems and was on oxygen for the first six months of his life. It was difficult for me to get out of the house with three kids, so we spent a lot of time inside at home.

Somehow I ended up with this fabulous pack of toddler activity cards. These cards were meant for a parent to set up and do with their toddler. There cards were gold, because my kids were a little older, so they were able to set up the activities on their own.

I honestly cannot remember if I gave the cards away or if they were donated. Sadly, I cannot find those cards anywhere online. But I did find this cute little Toddler Game on Amazon. Here are some great indoor activity ideas from my blog.

Fun Indoor Family Activity – Create a Board Game

Super Easy Gratitude Craft for Kids (Using 4 Supplies you Already Have)

What can I do with my kids today? 

This next section is all about outdoor activities. Whether your kids are playing in the back yard or you take them on a fun adventure, there are tons of great ways to have fun outside.

Each year we purchase an annual family pass to a local attraction. Most of the time this is for an outdoor attraction (or there are both indoor and outdoor activities). We have had passes to the zoo, children’s museums, water parks, science centers and nature attractions.

Last year marked out first annual pass at the San Antonio zoo. Posts with lots of outdoor activities are in the works. In the mean time, enjoy a little video from one of our visits to the zoo.

San Antonio Zoo Summer 2018

How do you keep kids busy? 

As a mom, you know life is a delicate balance. Some days your kids have too many activities and other days everyone is restless and bored. When your kids have down time, it’s easy to keep them busy with devices. It’s harder to come up with meaningful ways for your kids to spend their extra time.

In this section you’ll find my top posts with ideas to keep kids busy. I really like acronyms. As I’m writing this post, I’m thinking a lot about the word BUSY. Why do we feel so busy? Why do we feel like we don’t have enough time?

Maintaining Priorities

When you truly focus on your priorities and only spend time on the things that matter most the rest of your life will fall in place. In my life I’ve tried to do all of the things. And I’ve tried to schedule my kids so they can do all of the things. When I live my life this way, I only ended up tired and disappointed. Life works better when you focus on your top priorities and let everything else fall into place or melt away.

You need to be smart about how you spend your time and how your kids spend their time. Consider using these questions as you evaluate how to keep your kids BUSY:

  • B- Become – does this activity help your kids get closer to the person they want to become?
  • U – Useful – is this activity a wise and useful way to spend time?
  • S – Stretch – does this activity stretch your kids and allow them to grow their character?
  • Y – You only live once – don’t say no to an activity because you’re scared to try new things.

25 Acts of Kindness for Kids to Practice

What do families do together?

Time spent together as a family builds relationships and creates lifelong memories. Each family is unique and different, so of course their favorite activities will be different. Maybe your family prefers to visit the same location each summer. Or maybe your tradition is to pick a different park or hiking trail each month. The important thing is to make family time a priority and have fun together.

When you’re thinking of family activities, consider inviting extended family members.

50 Summer Family Activity Ideas

What fun things can you do with friends?

Spending time with friends is very high on the list when it comes to fun activities for kids. Your kids love inviting their friends over for a play-date, heading out to a park or meeting up at the movies. In this section you will find lots of friend activities.

My kids have all sorts of friend activities in the works – making a movie, preparing for a talent show, playing on sports teams together and in a couple days, a Palintine’s Party to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Kid Approved Halloween Party

What do you do with kids on holidays?

The holidays usually mean no school. This is a great opportunity for your kids to take a break and relax from the pressures of school. But it also means your kids fall out of their normal daily routine and have a lot of extra time.

This section is full of fun activities for kids to do during the holidays. From crafts, to cooking, to traditions, to just plain fun, click the links below for great ideas.

5 Quick Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Kids

20 Family Holiday Tradition Ideas Your Kids will Love

Final Thoughts on Fun Things to do with Kids

Kids love having fun. Whether your family is into being spontaneous or scheduling time for fun, this post is full of fun activities for kids. Scroll up to check out all of the different ideas. You’ll find all types of activities in the following categories: 

  • Indoor
  • Outdoor
  • Meaningful
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Holidays

The most important thing about fun for your kids is to be CONSISTENT. Consistent doesn’t mean you have to have pizza and watch a movie every single Friday or else you’ve failed as a parent. Consistent means it needs to happen more often than it doesn’t happen.

Your kids are very forgiving and understand when something is out of your control. Just remember, your kids are also very smart. They know and can tell when you’re not being truthful. They can tell when they aren’t your first priority. Make sure you have your priorities straight and put your kids first.

And as always, make sure to show compassion and forgive yourself. You’re going to make mistakes as you raise your amazing kids. Even when you’re trying to have fun you’ll make a mistake or something will go wrong. Don’t let one misstep mess everything up. Keep moving forward!

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