3 steps to reach your goals in life

learn how to take your goals from dreams to reality

I want to provide encouragement and support to help you reach your goals. To help as you strive to be a little better today than you were yesterday.

Because as you learn and grow as a mom, you will help your kids learn and grow. You set the example for them and show them that anything is possible.

Let’s go over the 3 steps you can do today that will help you move forward with your goals.

achieve life goals

1. Evaluate where you are with your goals

The first step is to Evaluate where you are.

We are approaching the final week of March. This means that 25% of the year is finished. How are doing with your goals?

Are you in a better place today than you were on January 1?

It’s so easy to get caught up with daily life that your goals get pushed aside.

You’ve thought a lot about eating healthier, making better decisions with your money, spending more time with your kids, or … insert your personal goal here. 

You have made some positive changes, but you know you need to continue to work on your goal.  

Remember to Stay positive

During your evaluation it can be easy to be hard on yourself. You focus on what you’re doing wrong and forget to celebrate what you’re doing right.

Remember to stay positive and know that you can do hard things.

2. Refocus your priorities

The second step is to take a moment and Refocus your priorities.

You know what’s most important in your life. Make sure you are giving your time and attention to your top priorities.

Here are a couple questions you can ask yourself:

  • Do I allow less important things to take up too much of my time?
  • Do I feel pressured to say yes to things that are less important?
  • Am I procrastinating something that needs to get done?
  • Are any of my daily habits wasting time that could be spent on more important things? 

Do your goals match up with your top priorities?

If your current goals do not match up with your top priorities, change them. It’s not worth your time working on a goal when there are more important things to accomplish.

Crossing off an unfinished goal may feel like you’ve failed, but that’s not true. Making sure your goals line up with your top priorities is very important.

Move forward on the right path

Try your best each day to focus your time and energy on your top priorities. Once the most important things are taken care of, you’ll be surprised that you still have time for some of the extra things.

3. recharge to keep going

The last step is to Recharge.

Even when you’re doing everything right and focusing on your top priorities, life isn’t easy. You get tired, worn out and need to recharge. 

When you’re struggling with life’s demands, seek out things that give you strength and help you recharge. 

7 Ways to recharge:

Here are a couple quick things you can try today to recharge. These will help build up your emotional and physical strength.

  • Write in your journal
  • Breathing exercises
  • Eat a healthy meal
  • Help others
  • Take a walk or exercise
  • Talk to a trusted friend
  • Let go of things you cannot control

How will you choose to recharge?

Make a list of activities that help you recharge. Plan time in your day for these activities so you can continue to recharge. 

Use these 3 Steps To Help reach your Goals In Life

set and reach your goals

Your everyday life is full of little decisions. Make sure those little decisions help you reach the life you want.

Setting goals help you focus and work for the life you want. Remember to use these 3 steps to help you achieve your goals in life.

As you take time to:

  1. Evaluate Where You are With Your Goals
  2. Refocus Your Priorities
  3. Recharge to keep going

you will find that those little decisions you make each time will better align with your goals. You’ll see progress with your goals.

You are an amazing mom!

Being an amazing mom means you try harder each day to be a little better than yesterday. It means taking one step at a time. And before you know it, you will look back and realize you’re becoming the mom you’ve always wanted to be.

Check out my post about Why I believe you Need to teach your kids to set goals.

Try these 3 easy steps today to help you move forward with your goals

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