Super Easy Gratitude Craft for Kids (Using 4 Supplies you Already Have)

Today’s Adventure is a gratitude activity for kids. This activity will help your kids identify what they have to be grateful for. If you’re looking for a simple Thanksgiving activity to help your kids practice gratitude, I’ve got you covered.

Thankful Craft Idea

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One year we fell on hard times and lived with my sister for four months. At least that’s the way my sister loves to retell the story. But truthfully, we were moving across the county and it was easier to stay with my sister and her family during the process.

It’s a lot of work to sell a house, travel 2,500 miles to a city where you don’t know anyone, buy a house, and make a new home. I am thankful for my sister and her family for allowing us to stay with them.

While we lived with my sister we celebrated Thanksgiving together. My sister has a very cute and meaningful Thanksgiving family tradition – a gratitude activity for kids – crafting Gratitude Turkeys. In addition to some expensive silverware and a couple family heirlooms, I also stole this tradition. (I’m only joking about the silverware and grandma’s painting! I’m sure they will turn up very soon.)

All of our kids kids had a great time making their turkeys and thinking about all of the things they were thankful for. They were so proud to share their turkeys. Everyone’s turkey went up on the wall and served as a decoration for the Thanksgiving season.

The Gratitude Activity for kids – Craft a Gratitude Turkey

November is a time of year we focus on being thankful. There are lots of actives during the month that remind us about all of the things we have to be grateful for. Just this week I went through the calendar to see what is going on in our area

  • Food drives at school and the community
  • Fall clean up service projects with the city
  • Veterans Day celebrations where we thank those who have served our country

And during the month of November, people on social media are posting one thing they are thankful for each day. I’ve also seen lists of 100 things friends are grateful for.

There are so many ways to be mindful of everything we have. The gratitude turkey is another simple gratitude activity for kids.

If you missed last week’s post, check out 3 Simple Ways Kids can Practice Gratitude

The Gratitude Turkey craft is super simple and only requires 4 supplies

  • various colors of paper
  • scissors
  • pens or markers
  • glue or tape

The craft is very simple. The real teaching opportunity comes when you talk to your kids about gratitude. The paper turkeys may not be the most beautiful decoration in your house, but they represent what is most important in your life. No matter your family’s personal situation, everyone has so many things to be thankful for.

Follow these 5 simple steps for meaningful family time while you create your Gratitude Turkeys:

1. Set Aside at Least an Hour of Family Time

Start the activity off by talking to your kids about gratitude. Listing off things you are grateful for and encourage them to talk about what they are grateful for.

If it’s been a difficult year health wise or financially it may feel difficult to find things to be grateful for. Whether you’re having a positive or negative year it always helps to show gratitude.

At my sister’s house. we all sat in the living room and talked about gratitude. At first it was hard for the kids to find things they were grateful for. They started naming all of their toys, then family members and then friends. Soon they were talking about food, nature and fun places they had been.

It was really fun to see how quickly the kids’ attitude about the activity changed. At first they were frustrated and didn’t want to contribute. As they found unique things they were thankful for you could see the gratitude in their expressions. It was really fun to see kids expressing gratitude rather than asking for more and more and more.

The next step is to craft the Gratitude Turkey.

2. Everyone in the family Creates a Gratitude Turkey

Don’t let the craft part of this activity slow you down. I promise, it is really simple. Have everyone in the family cut out a turkey shape. Next have everyone cut out several turkey feathers of various colors.

If you’re not feeling artistic, here’s a pattern you can print off and use.

Let your kids be creative and have fun.

3. Create Gratitude Feathers

Remember the lively discussion from step 1, have everyone write down one thing they are thankful for on each turkey feather. See how many feathers you can create.

4. Complete the Gratitude Turkey

Glue or tape the feathers to the back of the turkey.

5. Share your turkeys and showcase them around the house

This sounds super repetitive, but it’s important to let each member of the family share their turkey. Let each person talk about what they are grateful for and share what they created.

Make sure to showcase the turkeys around the house. Put them in places you will see several times throughout the day. Talk about the turkeys often. You can even add more Gratitude Feathers.

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It is so important to talk to your kids about gratitude during the holiday season. It’s easy to get caught up and focus on things we want. When we take time to focus on the things we are grateful for, we open my hearts to happiness.

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