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The Reason – Meet New Friends

After moving to a new area our family didn’t know anyone. Initially it was pretty easy to say hello and meet new people. Within a couple months the newness wore off and I found myself reaching out to new people less and less.

Within a year it was way easier to stick with my same circle of friends than try and make new connections.

The same thing can happen to our kids during the school year.

School starts and the kids are excited to see their old friends and meet new friends. Before long they find themselves in a routine with the same group of friends. For many kids, it can be hard to find their way into an established friend group.

We can all benefit from meeting new friends. Sometimes we need a little push – an opportunity to be brave, meet new people and have a great time. Let me give you a little push and encourage you to host a Family Halloween Party.

The Activity – Family Halloween Party

Stretch out of your comfort zone and invite families who have never been to your house. If you’re thinking – Where can you find these families? Here are a couple places:

  • If you’re like me, you exchange hellos to moms at the school, but haven’t introduced yourself. Hand these moms each an invitation and then cross your fingers they RSVP yes.
  • Is there a family in the neighborhood you want to know better? Knock on their door and hand them an invitation. Tell them about the party and tell them you’re so excited to have them over.
  • There are lots of families at after school activities who would love an invite to your party. Hand out invitations during practice and let them know you cannot wait to get to know them better.

I know it can be a little scary, but honestly, you will have so much fun. Expand your family’s friend circle and invite at least one family you don’t know very well.

Keep the Family Halloween Party casual and friendly. You can keep it to an hour on a school night or you can make it a longer event on a weekend. It can be as simple or elaborate as you want. Keep it under $50 total or make it a bigger event and include a meal. So many possibilities and so much fun.

The goal is to mix things up, meet new friends and bring families together.

The How – 4 Activities

Whether you’re going with a simple or elaborate party, you only need a maximum of four activities. These are four activities that have worked really well for our family in the past. They are simple and everyone has a great time.

These are geared toward younger kids, but are fun for the entire family. You will be surprised how excited teens and tweens get when they do activities that remind them of when they were younger. Older teens can help the younger kids and run the activities. These activities work whether you hold the party inside or outside.

1.Touch and Feel Station

What’s Halloween without wiggly worms and eyeballs?

Halloween Feel Box website link – This link is a great resource and has step by step instructions.

The basic idea is to get 2 boxes, like a shoe box, and cut a fist size hole in each top/lid. Have your kids decorate the box. Add a bowl of peeled grapes to one box and a bowl of cooked spaghetti noodles to the second box.

Anyone who dares to put their hand in the box is in for a surprise.

This website shows a quick way to peel grapes.

2. Photo Station

Set up an area with a Halloween backdrop, props and signs. You can have funny glasses, masks, hats, or little pumpkins. There are also photo prop kits you can purchase. Here’s a link to an option.

Everyone can take their own photos or you can put an older teen or another parent in charge of taking the pictures.

3. Doughnut on a String Game

Tie a rope between two trees or a steady places in your house. Hang donuts from the string. Have groups take turns eating the donuts off the string as fast as they can. This can be a competition or just a fun way to eat the donuts.

4. Costume Contest and Parade

You will want an MC to host the Costume Contest and Parade. It’s always fun to have kid friendly Halloween music playing in the background. Call up each kid that wants to participate and let them have the spotlight all to them self. Ask questions like:

  • What is your name?
  • Tell us about your costume
  • What makes your costume unique?
  • What is your favorite part about Halloween?

When each kid is done, have them line up for the parade. After each kid answers their questions have the parents make two parallel lines to form a parade route.

Encourage the kids to dance, sing along and act as their Halloween character as they walk through the parade route. Parents can also join the contest and parade!

At the end of the parade you can vote for the best costume.

The Support

The goal of the Family Halloween Party is to meet new friends. It’s an opportunity for your kids to have fun and for you to socialize with other adults.

Sometimes it can be easy to get caught up with the kids. You want to make sure they are having a good time.


A Halloween Party is guaranteed fun for the kids. Let them run around from station to station while you mingle with the other parents.

Make a special effort to spend the most time with your new friends and include them in your inner circle.


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