40 Fun Mother Daughter Date Ideas to Strengthen your Relationship

mommy daughter date ideas for older daughters

Mother Daughter Bond

There’s nothing quite like a bond between a mother and daughter. She was the tiny baby who brought so much joy and she continues to bring joy to your life. Your daughter is growing up and you want to keep your bond strong.

The mother daughter bond can be strengthened by spending quality time together. One-on-one time is so important. When you set aside time to focus on your daughter and you’re free from distractions you can really connect.

While you may think a mother daughter date is something you schedule in advance, it doesn’t have to be. You can also look for ways to connect in the moment. If you are looking for other fun activities for kids you can read Fun Activities For Kids – A Must Read For Moms.

Here are 40 Fun Mother Daughter Date ideas. Pick one today and watch your bond grow.

40 Mother Daughter Date Ideas

These activities are broken up into 4 different categories. Select from the categories and find the right activity.

  • Ideas you can do anytime of the year
  • Plans that work best during warmer weather
  • Ongoing Activities that happen more than once
  • Quick, unscheduled, spontaneous mother daughter activities

10 Ideas that can be done anytime of the year

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1. Put together a scrapbook or Chatbook from Last Year’s pictures

Scrapbooks don’t have to be complicated. You don’t even need to have any craft supplies to get started. There are several easy to use online programs that will deliver the final product to your house.

Smilebox is a free app that will backup photos from your computer and phone. They also have a program to make a free online scrapbook.

One of my favorite ways to keep physical records of memories is with Chatbooks. They are super easy to make and your kids will love looking back on all of the fun.

2. Go Bowling

This activity is great, because it doesn’t matter if you’re good at bowling or not. It’s fun to play with the bumper guards up or down.

Find different ways to compete against each other. You can challenge each other to knock down a specific pin or guess how many pin you will each knock down.

Create little cheers for each other. Let yourself have fun and really enjoy the moment.

3. Take a day trip to a nearby city

If you’re able to get away for more than a couple hours, consider spending the day in another city. Look for fun places to eat and visit. Walk together and enjoy your day.

4. Have a sleepover at a hotel

If you are able to schedule an entire night, consider staying in a hotel. You can combine this with your trip to a nearby city or you can stay in your hometown.

Pick a hotel with a pool and go swimming. Order room service. Sleep in or wake up early and explore like a tourist.

5. teach your daughter a new skill

Maybe you have a special family recipe you want to teach your daughter. Or maybe it’s time for her to learn to ride without training wheels. Think of a new skill you can teach your daughter and plan time to work on it together.

6. Visit the state capitol

Visiting the state capitol doesn’t have to be limited to school field trips. Consider taking your daughter to tour your state’s capitol building and it’s grounds.

7. Go Shopping

Sometimes kids grow up feeling like shopping is a chore. It’s a no fun activity that their mom forces them to do. If you love shopping, you can show your daughter just how fun it can be.

There are so many different things to shop for – clothes, makeup, crafts, and home decor to name a few. If your daughter has a hobby, consider stores she may enjoy visiting.

8. Try out your local community center or YMCA

It’s always fun to try new ways to be active. Spend time at your local community center where you can go swimming, take a class or exercise together.

You can click the following link to find your local YMCA.

9. Go to the movies

The movies are an easy way to spend time together. Let your daughter pick the movie and talk about your favorite parts afterward.

10. Make an Appointment at the hair or nail salon

Treat your daughter to a haircut or manicure at the nail salon. She will love being pampered .

40 mother daughter date ideas

10 Ideas that work best during warmer weather

11. Go on a Hike

Get out of the house and enjoy a hike in nature with your daughter. Make sure to wear comfortable clothes, sturdy shoes and pack snacks and water.

12. Have a Picnic

You can combine your hike with a picnic. Or you can enjoy a picnic on it’s own. Prepare the food together and enjoy a sunny afternoon watching the clouds.

13. Go to a You Fish Farm

You Fish farms are great for kids. They typically supply all of the equipment, so all you have to do is show up and have a great time.

14. Visit an annual Local Attraction

Each area of the county has something unique and interesting. When we lived in Seattle one of the local attractions in the spring was the Tulip festival.

Here in San Antonio each spring we get excited to see the

An annual event in Virginia is theShenandoah Apple Blossom Festival in Winchester, Virginia

Ask around or do a google search for spring activities in your area.

15. Pick local fruit and make Jam

My daughter loves picking fruit at the local fruit farms. Raspberries, strawberries and blueberries are some favorites. When we lived in Seattle you could find wild blackberries all over the place. We had our favorite places and would go back year after year.

mother daughter date ideas

One of my favorite sites to find recipes is Tastes Better from Scratch. I grew up on freezer jam and she has a super simple 30 Minute Strawberry Freezer Jam Recipe

16. Visit a local farm with kid friendly activities

Over the years more and more farms have started including kid friendly activities. Near Seattle we enjoyed visiting Fox Hollow Family Farm and Remlinger Farms

One place we are going to visit this spring is Devine Acres Farm. It’s about an hour outside of San Antonio.

Ask around or do a google search for kid friendly farms in your area.

17. Visit a park

Kids love visiting the park and your daughter will love having your at the park all by herself. You can visit a favorite park for guaranteed fun. Or try out a new park you haven’t been to before.

18. Play a Round or Two of Miniature Golf

Mini golf is such a fun way to spend the afternoon with your daughter.

19. Go for a Bike Ride

Whether you’re up for a paved or unpaved bike trail, a bike ride with your daughter will be a blast. You’ll want to get everything in order before you take off. Here’s a list to get you started:

  • Make sure your bikes are in good repair
  • Wear helmets and any other necessary protection
  • Wear conformable clothes
  • Bring water and snacks
  • Bring a small first aid kit

20. Visit a Water park or go Swimming

Warm weather means it’s time to cool off in the water. Visit a local splash pad, water park or swimming pool. Make sure to wear sunscreen, drink plenty of water and don’t over exert yourself.

10 Ongoing Activities that Happen More Than Once

That’s my weird way of saying you do the same (or similar) activity over and over again. This could be because you have season tickets or an annual pass. These are activities you and your daughter really enjoy, so doing them once just isn’t enough.

21. Season tickets to the children’s theater

When my kids were little, I initially thought season tickets to the children’s theater would be out of my price range. I decided to price out tickets and found them to be very affordable. We have had season tickets for years and years.

Look for multiple ticket discounts, early season sales or mid season discounts.

22. Take a class together

Signing up for a class together is a great way to spend time with your daughter. It’s nice to have a regularly scheduled time when you can connect and learn together.

There are so many options for classes. A few are:

  • How to cook
  • How to Draw
  • Exercise or fitness
  • Crafts
  • Book club
  • Coding

23. Kids summer movie theater thing

Each summer a couple movie theaters offer discounted programs for kids. The AMC Summer Movie Camp is one of those programs.

You can schedule your mother daughter dates around the summer movie schedule.

There are often free outdoor movies in the park. For those in the San Antonio area, here’s the list of free movies offered in Travis park starting June 4, 2019

Search online for outdoor movies, theater performances or events in your area.

24. Annual pass to a local attraction and set a day each month you will go together

Several local attraction that require paid admission offer annual passes. The price of the annual pass generally pays for itself after 2-3 visits. If there is a local attraction your daughter absolutely loves going to, consider purchasing an annual pass for just the two of you.

You can set aside the first Saturday of every month. Or commit to scheduling one day a month when you can go together. The best thing about having an annual pass is you won’t feel bad if you can only go for an hour or two.

Here are a couple ideas for you to consider:

  • Zoo
  • Children’s museum
  • Aquarium
  • Local Amusement Park
  • Federal or State Park Pass
  • Community Pool
  • Botanical Gardens
  • YMCA
  • Community Center
  • Golfing Range

25. Sign up to volunteer

There’s something about serving others in need that brings people together. The same is true when you serve with your family. Look into volunteer opportunities in your area. Sign up to volunteer with your daughter and make a difference in the lives of others.

If your daughter is at least 17 years old, she can donate blood (with your permission).

26. Farmers Market

Farmer’s markets are popping up everywhere. A fun mother daughter activity is visiting the weekend market every Saturday morning. If once a week is too often, consider once a month.

27. Theme Nights

Set a day each week or each month and change the theme. A couple different themes include:

  • movie night
  • spa night
  • treat day
  • Funday Friday

28. High Tea

There aren’t nearly enough opportunities to dress up and enjoy a fancy afternoon. Look for restaurants or hotels who serve this late afternoon meal. Reservations are often required.

29. Work Out Together

Have a standing appointment and work out together. Simple and easy.

30. Start a new Tradition

If you tried one of the other activities and loved it, make it a recurring event.

mother daughter date ideas

10 Quick, Unscheduled, Spontaneous ways to connect

You make time to connect with your daughter in big ways, but don’t miss out on those small spontaneous opportunities each day. You want to capitalize on all of the moments and make them special.

One thought I’ve always loved is – Your kids won’t always remember what you did together, but they will remember how they felt.

Strive to have your daughter feel loved and appreciated by you.

31. Snap a picture

This is super easy and only takes a second. If your daughter is older, trade off taking pictures with your phone and her phone. As she scrolls through her pictures she will love seeing pictures of you together.

32. Read a book

If you have a couple spare minutes consider grabbing a book and snuggling on the couch as you read to your daughter.

33. Ask your daughter to help you cook dinner

Look for simple opportunities to connect. As your daughter to help cook dinner, fold the laundry or do another chore with you.

34. Spend extra time during tuck in

Kids love when you read one more book, give one more hug or sing one more song.

35. Write a note and leave it in her lunch

Whether you pack her lunch or your daughter packs her own, write a little note of encouragement and support. Drop it in her lunch when she isn’t looking.

36. Share a treat together

Sometimes you need a moment to escape from the chaos. Sometimes that moment involves sneaking a little treat. Call your daughter into your hiding spot and enjoy the treat together.

37. Do a puzzle or play a game

In the late afternoon your kids may default to their devices. Pull your daughter aside and work on a puzzle or play a game together.

38. Paint her nails

If your daughter enjoys having her nail painted, surprise her with a new bottle of nail polish and paint her nails. The new nail polish is totally optional.

39. Let her stay up late to watch a show with you

Mom and dad often stay up after the kids to watch a show. When appropriate, stay up with your daughter instead. Let her pick the show and enjoy an evening together.

40. Ask her to take a walk around the block with you

Can both of your use some fresh air and a little exercise. Invite your daughter to take a quick walk to jog around the block.

Tips for Success in Planning Your Mother Daughter Date

  • Set a budget before your activity so you don’t overspend
  • Take into account your daughter’s age and how much she can handle
  • If necessary, schedule breaks to help from overwhelm
  • Don’t be afraid to end early if you’ve had a good time and the activity is done.

Common Questions/FAQ About Mother Daughter Dates

  • Is there a national Daughter’s Day?
    • In the United States, there is National Son’s and Daughter’s day each year on August 11th. You don’t have to wait for a set day on the calendar. You can plan your Mother Daughter date whenever it’s convenient for you.
  • What do you do on a mother daughter date?
    • If you haven’t been on a mother daughter date before you may not know what to expect. Depending on the age of your daughter and the current status of your relationship, your activity may be super easy and effortless.
    • If there is tension between you and your daughter consider reaching out to ask for forgiveness or talk about your feelings. It’s often good to let the past be in the past and move forward.
  • How early should I start mother daughter dates?
    • You can start as soon as you want. It may seem silly to take your baby daughter on a date, but kids love traditions and routines. Even your baby will appreciate spending dedicated time with your where you are focused only on her.
  • What if something comes up and I’m not able to have our mother daughter date?
    • Any commitment you make to your daughter is important. Emergencies are never planned, but seriously consider other options before canceling, rescheduling or postponing your mother daughter date.

The Last Thing You Need to Know about Mother Daughter Dates

  • Mother daughter dates are super fun and a great way to grow the bond between you and your daughter.
  • Whether your dates are schedule or spontaneous, make sure to take the time to single out your daughter and let her know how much you love and appreciate her.

Did you pick on of the mother daughter date activities above? Did you do another activity that you want to share? Let us know all about your experience in the comments below.

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