How To Find Joy in Motherhood Each Day

Being a Mom is Hard, BUT You’ve Got This

Find Joy in Being a Mom

Being a mom is hard. All of the sweat, tears, energy and pain are worth it and can bring some of the greatest joys in your life. Let me take a moment to say – You are amazing! You are strong! You are  resilient, capable and powerful. You’ve got this!

Remember – Raising kids is a marathon, not a sprint.

You’re constantly moving and adapting to an ever changing environment. Just when you

‘re ready to give up, you find the strength to take on one more challenge. I know you will succeed.

And while you’re on this marathon journey, you’ll realize you are one of the strongest role models for your kids. A role model they will remember forever.

How do you want your kids to remember you?

Take a moment to really think. Think about all of your positive qualities and all of the amazing gifts and talents you have to offer. How do you want your kids to remember you?

I started this website for two main purposes

  1. The articles and ideas will inspire you to start your own adventures with your kids
  2. This can be a supportive community to keep you motivated and hold us all accountable

I’m excited to have you on this journey and hope you feel excited too. I hope you will find the positive energy and positive thoughts to keep going. You can take on one more challenge, push through one more day and be your best self.

It Won’t Always Be Easy

There will be struggles. Struggles are definitely one thing every mom has in common. No one is immune to hard times and difficult situations, but don’t let those struggles get you down. Life always wants to get in the way, but do your best to keep a positive attitude.

I lived in Seattle for basically my entire life. A couple years ago we made a huge change and moved to Texas. It was winter, so we left dreary, rainy Seattle and found ourselves in 70 degree weather. It was an unusually warm week, but it was great to see the blue sky and enjoy the warm sun.

After running tons of errands to get settled in a new house, I came to the conclusion that everyone owned a white car. Sure there were other cars on the road, but I felt like everywhere I went, the majority of the cars were white.

Maybe there were lots of white cars in Seattle too, but maybe they were harder to see due to the muddy roads and overcast sky. Or maybe, it’s because the more you think about something, the more you will see it during your day.

Substitute looking for white cars for looking for positive thoughts, qualities, and experiences during your day. When you’re looking for the positive aspects in your life, you’ll recognize them more often. The same goes for negative aspects. Life is much more enjoyable and your challenges are easier to deal with when you’re looking for positive aspects in your life.

It Will Be Worth It

When your kids say you’re a mean mom who gives them chores and responsibilities, you know they will (one day) be thankful they had a mom who loved them enough to teach them how to work.

Your kids aren’t the only ones who will appreciate you spending time with them. You will also look back and appreciate time well spent with your kids. Trust me, you will not look back on your life and wish you had played more hours of Candy Crush or binge watched another season on Netflix.

You will cherish the time you spent watching your kids play sports, family vacations or other activities that strengthened your family relationships.

The best celebration a mom can have is being proud to raise an Active and  Happy kid who is a strong contributing member of society.

You Have Support

You are not in this journey alone. We all have struggles and can all use support. Let’s grow a community of strong, positive, powerful moms who support each other and rely on each other.

Start with a small comment below and say hello. Whether you want to engage with others online or not, you as very welcome here! I’m glad to have you as my friend.

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