5 Quick Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Kids

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. It’s not to late to personalize your gifts with these 5 quick Valentine’s Day gift ideas.

Last minute ideas for valentines

Don’t worry, and don’t feel overwhelmed. Keep your gifts simple with these 5 quick Valentine’s Day gift ideas you can do with your kids. The whole purpose of Valentine’s Day is to show others how much you love them.

Love is contagious. Spent an hour or two creating something special and spread the love!

I found these great ideas online. With each author’s permission I’m sure one of these ideas will help you choose the right gift idea.

1. DIY Quick Valentine’s Day Gift

For her last birthday party, my daughter got creative with the take home goody bag and made homemade bath bombs. They turned out great and were a hit with the other girls.

If you’re looking for an easy DIY Valentine’s Day gift, check out Amy’s homemade bath bomb hearts. They are the perfect Valentine’s Day present for teachers, coworkers, friends or family members.

They really do make the perfect gift and aren’t complicated to make yourself. The final product ends up being way cheaper than if you had bought it at the store. The recipient will feel special knowing that you and your kids took the extra effort to make these yourself.

Show your favorite teacher, sports coach just how important they are with this thoughtful gift.

Make sure to check out Amy’s other DIY beauty products. Next up on my list to make are the Whipped Coconut Oil Lotion and Easter Peeps Sugar Body Scrub Soaps!

2. Quick Valentine’s Day Teacher’s Gift

Teachers work so hard! They deserve lots of appreciation, especially on Valentine’s Day. You’ll want to stay away from presents like a mug, stuffed animal or homemade treats. Instead, try something that shows your appreciation, doesn’t take up a lot of space and doesn’t require a lot of effort on their part.

Check out the Valentine’s Day Gift: Succulent Labels & Tags idea from Malia.

What I like most about this gift is the low price tag. This makes it easier to show your appreciation for teachers and the support staff who teach, encourage and inspire your kids each day. Consider gifting these to the office staff, school nurse, and other support school staff.

3. Fun Treat to give to Neighbors on Valentine’s Day

Cindy has a really amazing site with lots of ideas to help channel your inner creativity. Her Heart Rice Krispie Pops are a quick and simple treat you can make for your friends and neighbors. She even offers a couple variations you can try.

You’ll want to plan time in your day to make these quick and easy Valentine’s Day treats!

4. Classroom Valentine’s Day Gift

So, you’ve waited until the last minute, but really want to pull together a cute homemade valentine for your kids to take to school. This idea is for you!

You only need a few items and you’re ready to make the Applesauce Cup Valentine’s Day Gift. And if your kids would prefer to give oranges or a pencil, Sarah has you covered! She has multiple printables for the perfect and quick classroom Valentine’s Day gift.

Just a side note of support. I know the pain of younger kids taking FOREVER to write their name on each and every valentine. And TWO FOREVERS if they also had to write each recipient’s name. One thing that worked really well for us was to work in batches. Sometimes that meant working on 5 valentines each day and for other kids that meant 10 per day.

A personally addressed valentine is wonderful, but sometimes it cannot be done. If you’re in a time crunch, quickly address the valentines and move on. No guilt.

5. Fun Valentine’s Day Breakfast

The last gift idea I want to share is making Valentine’s Day morning (or evening if you want to make these for dinner) extra special for your kids. We don’t always see feeding our kids as a “gift,” but in this case, you’re giving the gift of time. And being present in the moment.

Your kids will love Heidi’s Heart Shaped Pancakes – Easy Valentine Pancake Tutorial. 

She walks you through the process step by step. One time I tried to make a pancake in a shape and quickly decided I wouldn’t bother trying again. With this squeeze bottle trick, I’m ready to give it another try. And I know I’ll be successful; it’s so easy. And my kids are going to love making their own shapes on the griddle!

Make Time in Your Day

We’ve all been there. Too busy to keep our sanity to even consider doing anything special or personalized on Valentine’s Day. You’re not alone. It’s easy to get caught up with all of the things that NEED to get done that we don’t always make time for the things we WANT to get done.

Instead of a package of pre-made valentines from the grocery store, or buying some candy for your coworkers, or skipping out on a little craft project with the kids, try out one of these Valentine’s Day DIY Gift and Craft Ideas.

You won’t regret making time for the people you love the most. Family meals are a great way to strengthen family relationships. Read more in my Why It’s Important to Eat Together as a Family.

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