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Before Kids can Do their Chores, you need to teach them how

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Kid Chore Check In

Here’s What was covered in previous posts

So far in this kid chore series, you’ve worked through three important steps. If you’ve missed, the other posts, here’s what was covered.

Step 1:Chore can help kids learn positive character traits. 
ACTION: There are several ways to raise kids. Decide if kid chores are going to be part of your daily family life. 

Step 2: Age appropriate chores
ACTION: If you’ve decided you want to try kid chores in your family, here are a few age appropriate chore suggestion. Pick one chore your kid can reasonable do on their own.

Step 3: Figure out how to hold your kids accountable for their chores
ACTION: As a family, decide which accountability system you will use to ensure chores are completed. 

How is it going in your family?

  • Are your kids doing a chore or two?
  • Do you need to start or restart planning how you will handle kid chores in your family?
  • Maybe the time isn’t right and you’re going to tackle kid chores in the future.

Whatever your situation, I want you to know that you CAN have the life you want. Getting started with kid chores isn’t always fun and it certainly isn’t easy. The ideas are simple, but implementing the steps takes work.

This post will help you teach your kids how to do their chores

Kid chores are just one way you can help your kids learn positive character traits. I want to remind you:

It’s far more important to teach positive character traits than point out negative behavior.

You want to give your kids opportunities to practice positive character traits. This practice will help them learn the skills to be an amazing adult.

Pointing out or criticizing negative behavior shows your kids how you don’t want them to behave. Giving your kids the opportunity to practice positive character traits helps them learn the type of behavior you want them to have.

The American Academy of Family Physicians has a helpful list of ways to help teach good behavior.

The Goal – Completed chores

The goal of this post is for you to have the tools to help your kids learn how to complete a chore from start to finish. You want your kids to: 

  • know which chores they are responsible for 
  • manage their time wisely to get their chores done
  • independently complete their chores to a high standard

Your kids probably won’t complete their chore to your standard the first time. Many chores require practice and regular effort to be done well. 

My boys are responsible for cleaning their bathroom each week. But once a month, I go in and do a deep clean. In our family, we’ve found this is a good balance. The boys are still responsible for the chore, but I help to keep up the cleanliness standard.

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3 Steps to Learn Each Chore

You can follow these steps to teach your child what you expect each time they do a chore.

Step 1. Demonstrate How to do the Chore

The first step is for you to show your kid how to do the chore. It sounds simple, right? This step is important, because kids learn in different ways.

For some kids it’s enough to tell them to do something. They jump right in and figure it out on their own.

Other kids need to see something done before they understand. They see an example and they repeat the process

When you demonstrate how to do a chore, you are able to both tell and show how the chore is done. Repetition is also helpful. Repeat the steps multiple times until your kid is ready to try the chore

2. Kid does the chore and mom provides support

After demonstrating how to do the chore, the second step is for your kids to try the chore on their own. Encourage them to try and stay by their side.

Provide correction as needed and if necessary, go back and model how to do the chore again. Let your kid know they are doing a great job. Tell them you are proud of their hard work.

Kids will pick up some chores very quick. While other chores require more practice. Continue to help your child until they can do their chore on their own.

3. Kids Can Complete Their Chores Independently

Evaluate your kid’s current chore skill level – If they truly need help getting their chore done, you may need to go back to step 1 or step 2. If you’ve gone back to step 1 or 2, but it’s still not working, consider changing to a different chore.

If your kids are moving right along, step 3 is where they are able to complete their chores all on their own. Now, they may still need help with quality control, but they can do their chore independently.

If you’re struggle with quality control issues, here are some thoughts. Your kids may know what is expected, but they are just slacking off. They rush to get their chores done and may not do a good job. Other times it may be because there are so many steps and they really just forgot.

Consider writing down the steps for your kids’ chores. For something like laundry, step by step instructions is so helpful. Writing down the steps for a chore will help your kids be more independent. They will remember all of the steps and do a great job.

Writing down the steps also helps hold your kids accountable. They have a standard to evaluate their work against.

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Why Working Side by Side can be Challenging, but it’s Important

Don’t just run off now that your kid is independent on their chore. Continuing to work side by side with your kids has a lot of benefits. A simple benefit is that with more helpers, you’re able to get the work done faster.

But there are additional benefits to working with your kids. It’s an opportunity to see how their life is going. Working along side your kids is a great opportunity to ask questions and see how things are going.

Work can be fun. By working with your kids you’re spending quality time together. You’re showing them that you value them and want to work together.

Your kids will see that you value hard work.

Final Thoughts on Kid Chores

Moms know the benefits of having their kids do chores. But I do want to be upfront and let you know that teaching your kids how to do something is MUCH harder than doing the task yourself. 

I like what one dad said recently – I can do a task in 15 mins, but that same task will take my kid 30 mins. And if I ask 2 kids to work together, it may take them an hour.

If you’re willing to do the work upfront and teach your kids how to do their chores you and your kids will learn how to do the chores.

Once your kids are independent in their chores, don’t stop working with them. Working together has many benefits. It’s a great opportunity to

  • be silly
  • have heart to heart discussions
  • teach strong work ethic by example
  • show why teamwork is so important

I hope you find this series about kid chores helpful. My goal is to bring you encouragement, support and mom tips to help you in your daily life.

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