3 Tips for Stressed Out Moms (Find Relief Today)

feeling Stressed Out and Overwhelmed? Take Back Control Today.

Stress Relief Tips for Moms

Everyone feels stressed and overwhelmed from time it time. The pressure to feel perfect is real. It seems like other moms never have any problems. Or, they handle their problems with ease. You wonder – what am I doing wrong?

You think – why does my life have to be so hard? What do other moms know that I don’t? Why can’t I get my life together?

It’s easy to feel stressed and overwhelmed, but you can overcome those feelings. You can reduce your stress and deal with your challenges. Continue reading to find three tips to reduce yours stress and take back control.

These tips will help your mindset. And then, I want you to think about one small change you can make today. This small change will make a huge impact in your life.

As you read through each of these three tips, please:

  • Be Patient with Yourself
  • Believe in Your Abilities
  • Move Forward with a Resolve to Reduce Your Stress

1. No One Is perfect

The first tip for stressed out moms to realize that NO MOM is perfect. No mom actually has their life 100% together. Sure, it may seem like some moms do, but every mom struggles. Every mom has difficulties. And every mom has bad days. No one is perfect.

The truth is we all have different strengths and weaknesses. You may be an amazing artist, but find it difficult to plan ahead, so sometimes you run out of groceries. It’s not the end of the world if you order your kids Starbucks breakfast before dropping them off at school. No one is perfect.

When you realize that NO MOM is perfect, you’ll realize that means you don’t need to feel the pressure to be perfect. Don’t hold yourself to the standard of perfection. You’re only setting yourself up to be disappointed when you make mistakes.

Realizing you’re not perfect is NOT an excuse to slack off. You still need to do your best, but remember to be patient with yourself.

Don’t compare yourself to others

You are adding unnecessary stress to your life when you compare yourself to others. Instead of focusing on what you cannot do well, focus on your strengths. Find ways you can share those strengths with others.

And take time to celebrate strengths in others. Another mom’s strengths do not diminish your abilities. We can and should all celebrate and uplift each other. Just don’t compare yourself, because you are amazing in your own unique ways.

Recap of Tip #1

  • No mom is perfect
  • Every mom struggles
  • You don’t have to be perfect, but you do need to try your best
  • Don’t compare yourself with others
  • Celebrate your strengths and the strengths of others

2. Being a Mom Is hard work

The second stressed out mom tip is to realize that being a mom is hard work. It takes a lot of time, dedication and hard work.

Super uplifting, right? Aren’t you glad you signed up for a lifetime of hard work?

Yes, being a mom is hard, but it is worth all of that hard work. One of the best parts of hard work is the great rewards.

Take One Step at a time

Being a mom will take a lot of hard work, but you have years and years to work on it.

Raising kids is like running a marathon. But honestly, being a mom is much, much more than a regular marathon. It’s an 18+ year mom marathon that includes intense obstacle courses, mud pits, lots of steep hills, and rules that change at any moment.

Just like any race, this mom marathon requires you to put one foot in front of the other as you work toward the finish line. No matter how you choose to parent, time moves forward each day.

There is no pause button in life.

Each day your kids get a little older and grow a little closer to being an adult. The finish line of this mom race is sending your amazing kids … who are now amazing adults … off to do amazing things in the world.

Have a Better Day

Keeping going – especially when it’s hard

As a mom, some days are harder than others, but don’t let the struggles, challenges and difficulties overwhelm you. You have the power to choose what type of mom you want to be. You have the power to face all of the challenges in your mom marathon.

Recap of Tip #2

  • Being a mom takes hard work
  • You need to take one step at a time
  • Power through and do your best best
  • You get to choose how you will live your best life

3. Stress is Part of Life

The third tip for stressed out moms is to realize that stress is just part of life. Everyone experiences stress and it’s not something that can be avoided.

There are lots of things you can do that can limit the amount of stress you cause in your own life. There are also lots of things you can do to provide stress relief.

Start Today – Choose to Reduce Stress in Your Life

It is totally ok to start right where you are. Start today and decide to reduce your stress one step at a time. As you reduce your stress you will realize you can take on all of life’s challenges. You’ll be in a better mind frame to learn how to deal with challenges and have the life you want.

Being an amazing mom means you try to make today a little better than yesterday. You make small changes each day to not just manage your stress, but overcome the challenges that cause you stress. Before you know it, you look back and realize not only are you less stressed, but you’re becoming the mom you want to be.

There isn’t a One Size Fits All Solution for Stress

Taking several small steps in the right direction will make a significant difference over time. Small steps are easy to make and something you can start today.

But results can take time and aren’t always immediate. Some moms often look for a quick fix or a one size fits all solution. And of course there are some very quick ways to reduce your stress in the moment.

Ways to Reduce Stress in the Moment:

  • yoga
  • meditation
  • taking a bath
  • exercise
  • taking a nap
  • hiring a babysitter

These are all great ways to reduce stress and should be incorporated into your daily life. I have a Pinterest board with several stress relief tips for moms. These stress relief practices will help reduce your stress.

But if you’re looking for the magic solution that will eliminate stress from your life, you’re going to come up short.

Think about the mom who is looking for the magic approach to help her baby sleep through the night. She finds lots of amazing sleep solutions that have worked great for other babies. But, she soon finds out…

What worked for one baby isn’t guaranteed to work for every baby.

And just like that mom, you’re going to need to find out what works for you. Your very own plan you can use to de-stress.

You Need Your Own Plan to Deal with Stress

What works to reduce one mom’s stress isn’t guaranteed to work for every mom. Since stress is just part of life, you will want to find the best way YOU deal with stress.

Recap of Tip #3

  • Stress is Part of Life
  • You have the Power to Choose to Take Back Control and Reduce Your Stress
  • There Isn’t a One Size Fits All Solution for Stress
  • You Can Find the Best Way to Deal with Your Stress

Keep reading to develop your very own plan to deal with stress.

Stress Relief for Moms

Customize Your Stress Relief Plan

Now it’s time to bring all of those 3 tips together. They aren’t tips as much as they are truths that you need to acknowledge. Thoughts that help put you in the right mind frame to develop your own stress relief plan.

Let’s just right in and set up your customized “Stress Reduction Plan.”

Step 1: Think of one cause of stress in your life

While you’re thinking, let me tell you about one of my recent causes of stress.

The elementary school bus comes at 6:40am. Yes, 6:40am. My son is quick to get dressed, eat breakfast and head out the door. So, my alarm set for 6am.

I don’t love waking up early. It’s easier to press snooze and sleep a couple extra minutes. But when I press snooze, we were almost guaranteed to have a stressful morning. My attitude isn’t the best and we are rushing out to the bus.

My neighbors really love reminding me about the morning they saw my son run past their house with no coat or backpack. Then they watched me run after him with his coat and backpack. Not one of my finest moments. I wish I could say it only happened that one time.

Rushing to get out the door on time is stressful. It’s stressful for both me and my son. And the source of that stress started when I decided to press snooze.

Here are a couple questions for you

  • Think of something stressful in your life.
  • Can you identify the cause of that stress?
  • Can you do anything to change it?

Here are my answers as it relates to my story above

  • Think of something stressful in your life. Rushing to make the bus.
  • Can you identify the cause of that stress? Not having enough time between waking up and needing to leave the house.
  • Can you do anything to change it? YES!

If you can answer YES! to the last question. If you can do something to change your problem, then you’re ready for the next step.

Step 2: Identify a Solution

You’ve identified a cause of stress and you know you can do something to change the outcome. You know you can do something to either eliminate or reduce your stress.

Perfect! What have you identified as your solution? What change can you make to overcome your problem?

For me, my solution was choosing NOT to press snooze.

I resolved to fix my cause of stress by waking up each morning with my alarm. No more pressing snooze for me.

I decided to make a little change and take one step in the right direction. And our mornings are much better. I cannot say there is never a stressful morning, but I can say the stress isn’t because I pressed snooze.

what is one small change you can make that will help reduce your Stress?

Maybe it’s:

  • Not hitting the snooze button in the morning.
  • Designating a place in the house to always keep your keys.
  • Giving your kids a hug and saying I love you every morning.
  • Setting aside 10 minutes each day to read a book.
  • Asking your kids what they want to do for fun today or this weekend. And then doing that fun activity.
  • Setting your alarm a couple times a day to do deep breathing exericises

As you reduce stress in one area, look for other areas of your life that need some help. Continue adding solutions to your customized Stress Relief Plan.

Keep track of what works and what doesn’t work. Sign up for my email list and receive the printable 7 Steps For A Fabulous Day. Print out the PDF and post it in a place you’ll see many times. Work down the page and set your day up for success.

Have a Better Day

Pretty soon you’ll have your own go-to list for stress relief activities. Solutions that work for you and help you reduce your stress.

choose one thing you can change that will help reduce your stress

In this post I’ve shown you how to go from feeling stressed out and overwhelmed to feeling like you CAN take back control. By taking back control, you can learn how to reduce your stress and have a great day, week, year and life.

You have the tools to customize your own Stress Relief Plan. And you can develop your very own list of solutions that will help when you’re feeling stressed.

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if you’re Feeling stressed, what is One small thing are you going to change?

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