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Every mom needs love, support and go-to resources as she raises her kids. From top mom tips to get through a challenging day to funny stories just for a laugh, is the go-to resource for moms who want their kids to be ACTIVE and HAPPY. This site has top mom tips with activity ideas, help with family life, ideas to simplify life, and of course a safe community that offers support to all moms.

My name is Fran Ross and I blog at Active Happy Kid, because I want to support and encourage moms who are struggling. My goal is to help moms figure out what kind of life they want, overcome the challenges that stand in their way, and help moms as they raise kids to be productive members of society. I want to help moms who know their job isn’t easy, but strive to be better every day.

I don’t have a secret manual that tells me exactly how to be the best mom.

After 14 years of experience with 3 kids, I do know it takes a lot of love, patience and determination to start each new day striving to be a better mom today than yesterday. If I’m being honest, I have made more mistakes than I would like to admit – BUT – my kids are very forgiving and have taught me how to be a better mom. They even forgive me (eventually) for encouraging them to do things they would rather not. I have overcome so many struggles and I know you can too!! Let’s get started.

Every Day is an Adventure

So, we started talking about how I can help you raise Active and Happy kids, but the first picture I show is of my unhappy kid. Yes, this is because EVERY day as a mom is an Adventure. Sometimes the  adventure is super fun and your kids are super happy. But other times the adventure isn’t fun and it seems like no one is happy.

Let’s run through a very simplified example of a mom’s day

  • wake up the kids
  • feed the kids, get them ready for the day and prepare anything they will need during the day
  • take the kids to school, daycare, tend to them all day, or get them to other activities
  • get the kids home, feed them again and do everything necessary to get the kids back to bed

Oh, and throw in taking care of yourself, helping your husband, managing your responsibilities at work, and spending time with friends and extended family. It’s overwhelming on a good day.

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steps for good day

There, we’ve said it, life can be overwhelming. And on top of overwhelm, we can also fall into some difficult traps along the way. These traps stop you from being your best self. I’m going to call these traps lies.

Here are a few examples of lies moms believe

  • It’s impossible to keep up with the demands of raising my kids
  • Other moms have it all figured out and I’m barely surviving
  • I can’t ask for help or take time for myself
  • If the day wasn’t perfect then I did something wrong
  • Saying yes is the only acceptable answer

I could go on and on with these lies, but you get the idea. These lies are holding you back from being your BEST SELF and living your BEST LIFE!

I Want a Change, Where Do I Start?

Are you currently living your best life and every day is perfection? If yes, I’m so happy for you. You’re a great role model for those of us who are still trying to figure things out. Welcome!

If you’re currently struggling and want something, anything to change, Welcome! You know you want to change, but where do you start?

Choose your best life today by doing 3 things:

  1. Establish your priorities
  2. Set 1 long term goal. Set 1 short term goal that will help you get closer to your long term goal
  3. Align your decisions and actions with your short term goal as you strive to reach your long term goal

Let’s look at an example.

  1. Priority: Have a healthy family
  2. 1 long term goal: Stop eating out and prepare healthy meals at home. 1 short term goal: limit fast food to 2 meals a week
  3. Take time to meal plan, grocery shop and schedule time in your day to prepare meals. NOT an easy task. BUT, if it’s the one goal you have set and you’re determined to make a change you will reach your goal.

It can be difficult to focus on more than 1 goal at a time. If you really want to make a change in your life, you need to focus your energy on 1 goal. You will have set backs and it can be difficult to break previous behaviors, but it is worth the effort!

This little graphic is very simple, but it helps visualize the difference between spending your daily energy on one goal vs dividing your time between 3 different goals. When you focus your energy on one goal your efforts can produce measurable results faster.

It is always important to remember that changing your life does not happen over night.

Tips for Success

One of the reasons why our life doesn’t change over night is because life is a marathon. And if being in a marathon wasn’t enough, at times we are also required to sprint. You may be thinking, how can I ever be a successful mom when so much is required?

Take it one day at a time

Last summer my kids and I did a hike. We hadn’t done a big hike that that in a while and it was challenging. At first we were moving along at a great pace. We stopped for a couple water breaks and our energy level was high. We even challenged ourselves and did a little race to reach the next sign post on the trail.

Before too long we realized the hike was going to be a challenge. At some point or another each of us wanted to give up, turn around and head home. But we also wanted to reach the top. So we kept encouraging each other to continue. At the end of the hike we literally took it one step at a time until we reached the top.

We were all hot and sweaty when we reached the top, but we were so proud of our accomplishment!

on a hike

The mom marathon can be compared to our hike. There will be times when life is a breeze. You’ll have a great day and think – wow, I’m a really great mom who has outstanding kids. At other times you’ll want to turn around and give up.

How can Active Happy Kid help when you’re ready to turn around and give up? Let’s take a look.

Helping You Take Action

This blog is full of great posts that contain help with both the mom marathon as well as the mom sprint.

Short Term Help (sprint): Top mom tips or mom hacks that are true life savers to help get you through rough situations. These are quick top mom tips to survive the day or deal with a truly difficult situation as quickly as possible.

Long Term Help (marathon): Goals are often necessary to change a behavior or help you reach a desirable outcome. These type of posts will involve setting a goal, taking action each day and celebrating when you reach your goal.

Here are a couple examples of problems moms face and how Active Happy Kid can help.

How can I Build Relationships?

Families build relationships as each member works toward common goals. Family members develop trust as they support, love and encourage each other. Each family member is important and plays an important role.

To learn more about strengthening your bond with your kids, spouse and as a family, read more in the Build Relationships category.

What are some Great Way to Have Fun?

Are you looking for fun kid, family or friend activities? The category Have Fun has ideas for kids as well as the entire family. You will also find fun activities that are also educational and teach kids positive lessons. Check out some of the top posts:

How can I Deal with the Pressures of Being a Mom?

We all need encouragement and support. And sometimes we need quick ways to just get through a difficult day. The Mom Tips is your go-to for help when you’re feeling down or having a hard day. Check out these helpful posts:

I Need Help Teaching my kids Positive Behaviors and Important Skills

Growing up I always asked my mom what she wanted for her birthday or Christmas. Every single time she would answer – “Good kids. If I could just have good kids, I will be a happy mom.” Now that I’m a mom, I can see why she would ask for good kids. It takes a lot of energy when your kids are challenging.

And every mom wants to see her kids succeed in life. It can be difficult to imagine your kid as a successful adult if it seems as though they will never grow up. If you’re looking for help teaching positive behaviors and important life skills, check out these helpful posts:

How can I Learn or Important Life Skills for Myself?

Life skills are anything you use on an every day basis. Some moms seem to have life figured out and are good at everything. For the rest of us, we are still learning. If you’re looking for help simplifying home life or learning how to teach these important skills to your kids, check out the Teach a Skill category on the blog. A few posts you will find helpful are:

The Last Thing You Need to Know about Active Happy Kid

I am here to support you! Being a mom is hard. As you surround yourself with other moms in this community you will feel genuine love.

Every day as a mom is truly an adventure. It’s easy to believe lies and compare our mistakes to another mom’s highlights. Don’t allow these lies to deceive you! You truly can have the life you want, your best life. We are here to support each other as we try our best each day to raise Active Happy Kids!

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